1-10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Guide

1-10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Guide

Finding Golden Scarabs and giving them to Muramasa at this shop (or statue) allows for Ryu to earn Power-up items, Technique Scrolls, Ninpo Scrolls, and even

NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection – Game Tips #1

We know that there are several Master Ninjas out there ready to tackle this challenging journey again. For the new ninjas just joining the clan, here are a few tips to get you started. More to come ��.

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All Ambush Location Completion Guide | Ninja Gaiden Sigma Master Collection

There are a total of 13 ambushes, 10 for Ryu and 3 for Rachel. You must be aware of the conditions for each ambush to occur or you won’t be able to trigger all ambushes. Some ambushes occur after a specific chapter is completed. Certain ambushes won’t trigger if you’ve completed a chapter or destroyed a boss or triggered another event. Below are the list of each ambush in order.

Ryu Chapter 3 — Airship (Need ID Card)
Ryu Chapter 7 — Archives Room
Ryu Chapter 9 — Ritual Room
Ryu Chapter 12 – Peristyle Passage (long and huge hallway *cannot be missed on Normal*)
Ryu Chapter 12 – Aqueducts 4B (Inside elevated ruin)
Ryu Chapter 15 – Zarkhan Stadium (After Doku is defeated, activate switch)
Ryu Chapter 15 – Stairway to The Imperial Palace
Ryu Chapter 16 – Underground Passage
Ryu Chapter 18 – Great Bridge Square (It’s better to get in ch.16 for easy MN rank.)
Rachel Chapter 5 — Monastery Annex (Back area behind Monastery *Hard to find*)
Rachel Chapter 8 — Military Gate (Don’t fight Gamov)
Rachel Chapter 14 – Hayabusa Village (Near Save and Muramasa’s statue)

Chapter 10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma HD Walkthrough

In this video series I will show you how to get through Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the Master Collection. I’ll be giving hints, tips and combat tactics along the way.

�� I’ll also be showing you where to find and how to get all 50 golden scarabs.

�� As well as where to find and how to complete all 12 of the fiend challenges.

�� I hope you find this series useful. Thank you.


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Chapter 10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma HD Walkthrough ¦¦